“Tis with iron, men win gold.”

richmond-aluminum-gate-jpg-1414994215881Our organization has moved into what I believe to be the perfect business space. It’s a large property we were able to purchase at a great price, way below market value. The question is, how do I put my touch on my new space? After an exhaustive searching, we found what I believe is the best company for making our organization and yours the talk of the town.

dscn0292-jpg-1412842726763 Based in the Vancouver, B.C. area, Masuk Metal creates and designs exclusive railings, driveway gates, fire rakes, fire shovels, andirons, coat racks, tables and custom fabrications.

After reviewing their website, I was blown away by their incredibly intricate work. Masku Metal is no cookie cutter operation, each product they make is made in-house at their Vancouver facility. Each client receives one on one project design Ferringerandironsdiscussions. This method helps clients understand pricing and creates realistic expectations of what can be done to enhance their organizational space.



Check it out here: http://www.forgingtechnology.com/

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