No Laptop, No Problem

​A Powerful Mobile Office Is Just One Click Away

screen568x568 (1)Document Maker lives up to its reputation as “THE BEST DOCUMENT EDITING
AND OFFICE MANAGEMENT SUITE FOR IPHONE AND IPAD“. It is like having multiple apps wrapped in one. You can Create and Edit Rich Text Documents, Convert your documents to PDF, and Send documents as e-mail attachments. screen568x568 (3)
While on a recent trip  I found that even though I lost my laptop, I was still able to create a better document than I could have from my laptop.  I was also able to export my document to Google Drive, all without leaving the app. Then later send e-mails of the document in PDF format. This application is packed with so many features it is amazing to think that I used Apple Airplay to display my document on a large display during a meeting. This app has more than met my needs and has surpassed my expectations by a long shot.

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