Lets Sing!

appicon1Vocalz is karaoke video app that enables you to create a karaoke video for any song in any language easily.



What so special about Vocalz?
People like to sing, and people like to make selfie videos.  Vocalz combines the two. Most of the karaoke apps available today let you only record your voice, we at vocals believe that singing while creating video of yourself & friends upgrades the whole karaoke experience. Imagine having a karaoke sing off with your friends posting your videos online for all your friends to judge the winner. Looking for more than a solo experience? There is no better way to capture the feeling of a good time with friends than a group karaoke session.

Another great advantage of Vocalz, is that you can look for any song in any language without a need to pay. All songs are for free, while in other apps you required to pay.


Check it out here: Vocalz for android

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