Got Beer?



Beer you? Beer yourself! Brooklyn Brew Shop’s combining their Everyday IPA Beer Making Kit and Quarterly Brew Club. Every few months, you’ll get three new seasonal brew mixes before they hit shelves. Whip up a gallon of each great beer for your friends, or all for yourself. And prepare for the best relationship you’ll ever have with your doorbell.

Kit includes 1-gal. glass fermenter, airlock, tubing, thermometer, tubing clamp, packet of sanitizer, stopper, and blowoff attachment.

The 6-month subscription includes 3 seasonal ingredient mixes for 1-gal. batches, plus sanitizer, every 3 months. Your first 3 mixes ship immediately and remaining mixes ship in November, February, May, or August, depending on your date of redemption.

Check it out here

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