How Good I.T. Saves Your company $$$

Ecommercesecurity2Often when you think of online shopping (e-commerce), you think of a virtual warehouse full of goods with pinpoint accurate inventory management and fast and convenient delivery. Unfortunately as of late data breaches and fraud, are one of the largest concerns people have when thinking about online shopping. To help protect user data, ensure great customer service and boost customer confidence merchants make security one of their top priorities. This is understandably placing much stress on merchants, and their I.T. departments due to the potential losses at stake should fraud occur. With new technology and the new issues related to new tech showing up daily proactive companies must anticipate security and fulfillment issues and adapt to them to prevent a potential breach or fraud.

ecommercesecurity3When not properly addressed, companies and their customers are at risk of financial losses, and the negative impact on their reputation. With my current e-commerce business, I have used a bruce lee philosophy Wei-wu-Wei or “action without action”. The idea behind this is instead of reacting after an issue arises you are constantly ready and proactively looking for new ways to safeguard your customer data. By going on the offensive, spotting trends, anticipating potential issues and making adjustments on an almost daily basis I have been successful in avoiding security issues. Overall this has been a very daunting process since it is a very time-consuming nature that can cause significant overhead. Overall I would suggest looking at an outside firm for enhanced I.T. capabilities, and inventory tracking. Making a move like this will save time and provide the type of I.T. solution that will save you money and your reputation in the long run.

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