Who Wants To Write Better In A Few Minutes?

Brainstorm ProAs a writer, I am always looking for ways to sharpen my proverbial sword. The idea is to have the most polished professional content as possible, almost as if I had an editor. Unfortunately for me I do not have an editor. The silver lining in this cloud is called Brainstorm Pro.

This software helps by providing three key features. The first is the Quick Match, which is like your Microsoft Office thesaurus but on steroids. The second is the Brainstorm feature. This function Gets 2x to 20x the amount of words when compared to a traditional thesaurus, but along the way it will help you create new and original creative ideas. The third feature is Alpha 3 which will allow you to explore up to 1,000 or more related words.

Looking for something more powerful…

The Brainstorm Pro Ace edition offers the previously stated features which were in the Brainstorm Pro software and the following features:

  • Up To 20x The Synonyms & Related Words Of A Regular Thesaurus
    Find the best words and ideas for your creative writing.
  • More Than 10x The Lookup Speed of Online Thesaurus Sites
    Blazing fast lookup speed and doesn’t require an internet connection.
  • Ability To Search Up to 10 Words At One Time
    Search up to 10 words at a time and Brainstorm creative concepts.
  • Easier To Check Off Then Copy & Past Your Selected Synonyms Into Your Writing!
    Simply check off the words that you like, hit copy, paste and go!
  • Multi-Language Thesaurus Great For Translations and Language Students

Overall I find this to be an amazing piece of software that has made my work look refined and polished. If you write for fun, work, or school this software is for you!

Check it out here: Brainstorm Pro

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