Get Productive!

myOffice- A full production of productivity

promyOffice is one of the best productivity apps I have come across yet. It is like having five apps wrapped in one. You have the Microsoft Office Viewer where you can view create and edit Word documents. The spreadsheet feature allows you to edit, view and create spreadsheets. You also have one of the most complete PDF applications I have seen anywhere it is even better than programs for Mac, or Windows. There is a high-quality document scanner that easily converts your scanned items to PDF. Last but not least you have the ability to create hand written notes. The part of this app that I like the most is how easy it is to share your work across platforms; you can e-mail, use USB file transfer. You can also transfer files using web-based apps like Google Drive and Drop Box.IMG_1591 You can even print your documents to a wireless printer. This App has been so valuable to me this summer as I travel on vacation. This app allows me to pack my laptop away and use my iPhone, saving me time, space and money.


Check it out here: myOffice For iOS

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